Witnessing Falsely

19 October 2019

Jeremiah 5:1–3, Mark 11:12–14, Mark 13:28

Bearing false is a known problem. Isn’t it? Maybe not.

In Jeremiah, those that bore false witness refused (no matter how loving and -filled). In fact, the implication is that they took their behavior and made it a way of , rather than an incident in life.

What does that have to do with a fig tree?

The fig tree was bearing false witness. The implication is that the fig tree had developed leaves indicating that there would be early summer figs. Yet, that couldn’t be, for the season was too early.

All too often, people try to show off their improvements before they should be. A person learning a sport shouldn’t be showing off their skills for they haven’t gotten the depth of understanding, yet. It is also the same in math and so many other realms of learning.

In spiritual matters, this is, even more, the case. pride, human behavior, plus the Enemy will do their collective best to tear down the gradual improvements of a maturing Christian (no matter where/when they are on the journey). Instead of trying to put out leaves and fruit before we are , we need to , be , and the Spirit will cause the leaves and fruit to come. We just to maintain our connection to the source of life….

1) Have you ever tried to rush things? What? What was the result?

2) When you watch others try to rush things, what is your response? Why?