Psalm 95; Micah 7:8–20; Mark 14:26–31

In this passage in Micah, Zion is the personification of Jerusalem and the Promised Land. Zion also takes on the aspect of the people themselves. What is interesting is that Zion proclaims guilt in regards to God, but the actual people weren’t open to that way of thinking.

The recognition that the consequences of destruction are well-earned is also something many of the people would not understand. If we are honest with ourselves, none of us like the negative consequences of our actions. We only want the positive ones.

The poetic hyperbole of the rebuilding of Zion is about the speed of versus the speed of falling into one’s own mire. God gave the descendents of Israel plenty of time to allow themselves to descend into the mess of their own making. God also gave them plenty of time to . They chose not to.

God still them, though, just as God still loves us even when continue to do things that God does not want us to do. That is the beauty and the in the poetic rebuilding of Zion. In many respects, we can see a resemblance to what occurs when a person first truly gives their to Jesus Christ. Restoration! Restoration of our with God is always there waiting for our .

When the disciples made such sure and quick promises to Jesus that they would never him, their words were honest to the best of their understanding. However, once the hard times came, they quickly ran away (granted, after today’s verses). They were truly overwhelmed by the (, religious, cultural, and political) that came to take Jesus.

They made a rash proclamation and broke it quickly after. Jesus still came and restored the relationship. Restoration is always around the corner.


  • How has God restored you? Can you recall how many times? What lessons were learned from them? What person or people were common in any of these experiences (whether individuals or roles)?
  • What does this tell you about God? What does it tell you about yourself?


Lord, under your grace and love, we are always under construction. Thank you for working on us. Help us to surrender each wall, door, or room of our hearts that is not like you. Amen.